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Moskitofree Forever is a portable, non-toxic mosquito repellent, without pesticides or chemicals, that respects the environment and the food chain. Worn around the neck, Moskitofree Forever protects you from mosquitoes indoor and outdoor and follows you everywhere … Moskitofree’s technology has been tested and validated in laboratory. The battery has been tested according to EU Directive 2013/56 / EU.

  • CE / EMC – CE / LVD / REACH / RoHS  Certified
  • Rechargeable – USB/USB micro cable
  • Autonomy +24 hours
  • Charge time – 4 hours
  • Works indoor & outdoor


Secure the strap around the neck. Once the device is around your neck, press the butlon on the back of the device for more !han 2 seconds to activate your Moskitofree Forever. The autonomy of your Moskitofree Forever is more !han 24 hours. To stop the Forever, press the butlon on the back of the device for more !han 2 seconds. To ensure the Forever’s optimum effectiveness, the strap worn around the neck must be in contact with the skin and the device must not be covered. You can activate or deactivate the blue lighl by quickly pressing the button twice, your device stays on.
For your comfort: Be sure to first pass the strap around your neck before activating your Moskitofree Forever, as you may experience slight tingling, however without danger to your health.


Do not put the device under water.
Do not place near a heat source.
Clean with a dry cloth.
Do not disassemble the device.


Connec! your Moskitofree Forever via a USB port connected to AC power or via the USB port of your computer.
Warning: the Moskitofree Forever is not operational when it is charging.
The charge indicator, (blue light), flashes while the battery is not fully charged. When the blue light is no longer flashing, the battery is fully charged and your device is ready for use. Blue light functions, charge indicator: the lighl pulses according to the charge, il flashes slowly when there is more than 90% charge and flashes /aster when the battery reaches less !han 10% of battery lite. The light goes out when the battery is completely discharged.


Do not leave children unattended, potential risk of strangulation when worn around the neck.



Your moskitofree Forever includes :

  • 1 x USB Micro cable
  • 1 strap
  • 1 x moskitofree Forever

Dimensions / 57 mm x 62 mm x 25 mm
Weight  / 45g
Voltage / Battery Li Ions – USB Micro cable (included)
Anion output / 4 x 3.0 Million Anions/cm3
Color / White

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